Health & Safety

Health & Safety   H&S

It is the responsibility of building managers to conduct thorough risk assessments to ensure that precautionary steps are taken to minimise risk with respect to health and safety issues. This is not only to protect the assets of your business and to ensure the safety of your employees but to also comply with local legislation. By soliciting the services of a professional risk assessment and management company like Kryogenics, you will ensure that your building complies with health and safety codes and that it is safe and secure for everyone. 

Health Risks 

Identifying health risks can be challenging as many are not visible to those without  training. When it comes to buildings, health risks are most evident during renovation or construction. They include respiratory risks such as the inhalation of asbestos, dusts, or hazardous chemicals. It is always important to identify if there are any health risks present in your building as you have a legal responsibility to ensure that you have done everything possible to reduce them. A system of occupational health surveillance can help to address such issues. Kryogenics can assist with risk assessment and
provide solutions to minimise occupational health risks.                                                         health-and-safety-tape  

Fire Prevention 

In the United Kingdom, landlords are responsible for fire safety and there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to comply with the laws listed under the Fire Safety Order. In all buildings, a responsible person must be designated to conduct regular fire risk assessments of the premises. It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that an appropriate fire safety plan is in place with measures to reduce or eliminate risk to life. Kryogenics can provide a thorough fire risk assessment and install alarms and fire prevention systems to ensure the safety of everyone. 

Building Condition 

Building risk assessments are necessary to identify the current condition of a building and the risks it poses. Changing legislation has made assessments a necessity for a wide range of properties. Our thorough assessments are often necessary prior to the upgrade of heating, ventilation, lighting, or other electrical and water systems. These precautionary assessments help to choose the right systems and to ensure compliance with fire legislation, building regulations, and the sustainable code. 

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Security Assessment 

Crime is always a legitimate risk for any business whether it is external or internal. We conduct thorough security risk assessments to ensure that your property is fully equipped  with the right equipment to ensure the protection and safety of everyone. We focus on precautionary measures taking into account the property, existing security measures, business needs, and crime trends when preparing the design, installation, and supply of a new security and surveillance system.