Bespoke Maintenance Contracts and Reactive Assistance

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Kryogenics are specialists in planned maintenance for a wide array of buildings and properties across the United Kingdom. We offer our clients peace of mind with our low-cost, bespoke service that is carefully designed to meet your needs. Our professional team of engineers is always available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to respond to any unforeseen emergencies.

Whether you are running a hospital, hotel, or corner shop, planned maintenance is a critical component of annual maintenance programs. While such programs can seem costly, it is important to balance that cost against the high costs of unforeseen circumstances that may require an emergency repair negatively impacting the operations of your business.

Kryogenics is an expert in surveying the building maintenance needs of businesses to ensure that an appropriate planned maintenance program is designed that is not only cost effective but ensures that the operation of your building assets is optimised. We can review and revise any existing planned maintenance schedules or to design new plans.

We also ensure that planned maintenance satisfies the requirements of current legislation to ensure that our clients always remain compliant. Our comprehensive maintenance plan will highlight all upcoming testing and maintenance, ensure that all testing certificates are current and that remedial work is completed in a timely manner. Our planned maintenance programs are designed as preventative maintenance to protect your physical assets. In the event that emergencies do occur, our reactive maintenance services will ensure that a professional engineer can respond around the clock in order to minimise disruption to operations to ensure that your business remains productive at all times.

Bespoke Contracts for All Businesses

Kryogenics specialises in commercial building maintenance for a number of clients including offices, retail outlets, council buildings, schools and hospitals. Whether there is a specific project to be undertaken or on-going maintenance required, we can design a bespoke contract that will meet the needs of your business and budget.

We can manage a variety of areas in commercial maintenance including:

–  Refrigeration Systems
–  Air Conditioning Systems
–  Electrical Infrastructure
–  Catering & Bar Equipment
–  Fire Alarms & Security Surveillance Systems
–  Heating & Ventilation Systems
–  Gas & Plumbing Systems

 Our planned preventative building maintenance programs are proven to save money in the long term and minimise disruption to business operations. Our maintenance professionals are regularly available for:

–  Boiler Servicing
–  Roof Inspections
–  Property or Building Condition Surveys
–  Portable Appliance Testing
–  Emergency Light Testing
–  Fire Extinguisher and Alarm Testing

Contact Kryogenics today for a consultation on designing a bespoke planned maintenance program for your property. Our reliable and cost effective maintenance programs will offer peace of mind that your building will remain safe and productive
24 hours per day.